About Stays

Our mission is to give the traveler all the tools they need to curate the perfect vacation experience. From car rentals, flight searches to finding the right type of property for your stay. We have partnered with some of the best sites in the industry to ensure you have the choices to make the right decision. Once you have selected a property we will send you off to our partner in order to book or to reach out to the property owner to ask any questions.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start researching your next holiday.

Stays is part of Left Travel, a Travel Tech company and a subsidiary of Left, an award winning BC tech company. With a cutting-edge office based in Maple Ridge, our team has been recognized multiple times for our commitment to our community, culture, and staff. We have a suite of travel accommodation sites all aiming to provide the best possible experience in searching for and booking travel online.

Meet The Team

Stays is a subsidiary of Left, an award winning BC tech company. With an awesome workplace in Maple Ridge, our team has been recognized for our commitment to our community, culture, and staff.

Everyone on our team brings a unique skill set. We don't manage each other, we manage our specialties. Whether customer acquisition, social, database management or partnerships, we take responsibility of our own domains. Working in a rapidly changing industry has it's challenges, and this team is fully capable of addressing the evolving needs of the market.


Ashley Joslin

Director of Digital Marketing


Caryl Longden

Chief Operating Officer Left Travel


Joe Deobald

Creative Director


Alan Bailward

Lead Technology Dude



Director of Greetings